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The Science Behind Flora Pro-health
And The 4 Manufacturing Truths That Could Make
This The 'Most Effective Probiotic Yet'

Forget everything you might already know about probiotics because Flora Pro-Health turns that on its head.

To understand why Flora Pro-Health is such an effective probiotic supplement and why it get’s such rave reviews, you need to know some little known truths to which most manufacturers and brand owners would prefer you remain oblivious.

Truth 1 - Potency

Probiotics are live-microorganisms and they naturally die out over time.

On the labels of most products you will see the number of live probiotics listed in CFU (Colony Forming Units), usually in the billions.

What you might not observe on many of these labels is the small print, where it says '* At the time of manufacture'. This means that the number of live probiotics is only guaranteed at the point when the product was manufactured.

It doesn't take into account how many of the probiotics will have died off by the time the product actually gets to you.

Often, after being stored, shipped and sat around in several locations, you can end up with a fraction of the number of live probiotics listed on the label. Way under the level you need to provide you with the sort of health benefits you desire.

Don't take our word for it, Consumerlab, the independent testing company has tested popular probiotics brands over the last 5 years and found in some years as many as 85% of those tested had less live probiotics than was listed on the label.

With Flora Pro-Health, not only do you get a whopping 30 Billion CFU or more of live probiotics per capsule, that 30 Billion is guaranteed for the entire 2 year shelf life of the product.

One of the ways we achieve that is by starting each capsule off at between a minimum of 100 Billion CFU at the time of manufacture. This is at least triple the amount listed on the label and a far cry from these other products whose amount on the label is only equal to what's present in the capsule on the day it's manufactured.

Truth 2 - Testing

Unless each batch of probiotics capsules are tested by an independent laboratory (i.e. a lab completely independent of the manufacturer), then how does the manufacturer know for sure exactly how many live probiotics are in the product, and more importantly, how do you know you are getting what you're paying for and what you exepect?

With Flora Pro-Health, every production batch is sent away for independent testing before it is available for sale.

Not only that but we also publish those test results on Amazon for you to see before you buy. That way you have total confidence that you are getting a health-promoting dose of live probiotics.

Check out the figures in a previous set of independent test results on Flora Pro-Health - with this batch each capsule started with a huge 123.24 billion CFU per capsule.

At these levels you are starting to get an understanding of why Flora Pro-Health has the power to boost your health and overall wellbeing?

Truth 3 - Packaging

Did you know that live probiotic organisms die out faster when they come into contact with moisture and oxygen? It's called stability.

So why do many probiotics come in bottles? Good question, because every time you open the lid, moisture and oxygen gets in and more of the important live probiotics die off.

Not so with Flora Pro-Health! Each one of your health promoting capsules, is individually packaged in individual airtight compartments, in our special Potency Protection blister packaging. As you open one compartment to take out your daily capsule, all the other capsules remain protected.

Truth 4 - Probiotic Strains

There are many different strains of probiotics available. With Flora Pro-Health we have narrowed it down to the 5 strains that we believe are the most effective and also the most resilient to temperature and acid within the stomach.

While many other probiotic strains get obliterated by the harsh acidic stomach environment, those in Flora Pro-Health are selected to be much more resilient in a wider range of PH (acidity) levels. This makes them more easily able to pass through your stomach and small intestine to colonize your gastrointestinal tract.

Most probiotics of this potency need to be kept in the fridge to stay alive, but Flora Pro-Health is 'room temperature stable' meaning no refrigeration required. It also means you can take them with you whenever you travel.

I HAVE truly experienced positive changes in my health that are directly related to this product.

1. I've become more "regular"... as in daily and sometimes more than once. Also, I've noticed less digestive upsets altogether (much less gas and bloating).

2. My skin has improved drastically. I had been experiencing small, flesh-colored bumps on my cheeks and forehead and occasional breakouts, plus bumps on my upper arms and just random spots on my body that weren't as smooth or healthy looking. After taking these probiotics for about two weeks, my skin began to look very clear and became smooth again. Wow!"

Brooke K
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Flora Pro-health Has Probiotics Strains That
Provide Outstanding Results!

Flora Pro-Health contains a unique formula of 5 specially selected probiotics strains.
These specific strains have been combined in very specific and exact quantities to provide maximum benefits for you.

Gluten Free
No artificial colors
Lactose Free
No artificial flavors
900+ Amazon Reviews
Ave Rating 4.6 out of 5
  • Lactobacillus acidophilus (La-14)

    Has been shown to produce enzymes that help break down food and aid in the absorption of nutrients, help maintain the intestinal wall and ph balance in the upper intestinal tract.

  • Bifidobacterium lactis (Bl-04)

    Is part of the bifidobacteria probiotics strain which are crucial for processing the chemicals in the colon, liver and intestines, regulating bowel movements and improving digestive discomfort.

  • Lactobacillus plantarum (Lp-115)

    Has been found to vigorously attack harmful bacteria, create an environment for helpful bacteria to expand and produce natural antibiotics.

  • Lactobacillus casei (Lc-11)

    Helps to reduce allergy symptoms, bolster your immune system, and minimize digestive issues.

  • Bifidobacterium breve (Bb-03)

    Has been found to produce helpful acids and B vitamins, reduce negative bacteria in the colon, aid in the health of the liver, and provide relief from occasional digestive issues.

What More Real Users Are Saying About
Flora Pro-health

I am so glad I took the plunge and ordered these Naturenetics. These probiotics have proven to be the most effective for me of all time, while presenting no side effects. The level of digestive improvements I have experienced is quite noticeable and large.

Brian T
User Rating

I took these a couple of months ago, then ran out and decided to try a different, cheaper brand. I have to admit I liked these a lot better. I had more energy and "better" bowel movements when I was on these. I just purchased again and have been on them for two weeks. Well guess what, I'm back! I'm never switching brands again, and can't recommend these enough!

Roberto A
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Q. What strains of probiotics does Flora Pro-Health include?

A. Flora Pro-Health includes the following specially selected strains of beneficial bacteria:

Lactobacillus acidophilus (La-14)

Bifidobacterium lactis (Bl-04)

Lactobacillus plantarum (Lp-115)

Lactobacillus casei (Lc-11)

Bifidobacterium breve (Bb-03)


Q. Do I need to keep Flora Pro-Health refrigerated?

A. No, the probiotic strains in Flora Pro-Health are stable at room temperature, which means it does not need to be refrigerated. So you can have your Flora Pro-Health conveniently located and easily accessible when you need it, plus you can take it with you whenever you travel. 


Q. How big are the capsules, are they easy to swallow?

A. The capsules are not considered large, so providing you don’t have any general difficulties swallowing capsules, you should find them a breeze. If swallowing capsules is a problem, they can also be broken open and consumed with yogurt or in a drink.


Q. Are the capsules ‘Time-release’?

A. No, the capsules are premium quality vegetarian / vegan capsules. The strains used in Flora Pro-Health and the volume of beneficial bacteria in each capsule means it does not need to be delivered in a time release capsule, and therefore does not introduce other potential variables like the capsule not releasing when it should.


Q. Is it suitable for vegetarians and vegans?

A. Yes, the product is completely suitable for vegetarians and vegans.


Q. It is gluten free?

A. It is gluten free, and it’s also free of wheat, egg, soybeans, fish, shellfish, peanuts and tree nuts.


Q. Does it contain any milk?

A. No, unlike many probiotics it is free of milk.


Q. Is it confirmed Non-GMO?

A. Yes, Flora Pro-Health is non-GMO


Q. Is it OK for people on the Guaifenesin Protocol?

A. Flora Pro-Health does meet all the requirements of the Guaifenesin Protocol, which, according to the Fibromyalgia Treatment Centre, are defined as follows:

Does not include…

•   Any chemical with the syllable SAL in the name (SALicylate)

•   Any chemical with MEN in the name (MENthol, MENthyl aranthinate)Oils with a plant name (except soy, wheat, corn oats, rice)

•   Gels with a plant name (except soy, wheat, corn oats, rice)

•   Extracts with a plant name (except soy, wheat, corn, oats, rice)

•   Any butter except Cocoa, Shea or Mango Seed

•   Tree bark extracts such as: Pycnogenol, Camphor, Bisabol, Balsam

•   Bioflavinoids (Quercetin, Rutin, Hesperiden) in vitamins

•   Mint flavor of any kind including wintergreen, or Mentholatum


Q. Will Flora Pro-Health’s probiotics lose potency over time?

A. Probiotics are live microorganisms and some will naturally die out over time. However, because we start each capsule out at between 70-100 Billion CFU (Colony Forming Units) of live probiotics, you are guaranteed to have at least 30 Billion CFU per capsule, whenever during the 2-year shelf life you consume them.

If you start taking Flora Pro-Health straight away, chances are you will be receiving a dose much closer to the 70-100 Billion a capsule, where it starts out.

The unique potency protection blister packaging also helps to lock in the probiotics potency for longer.


Q. How do I know for sure my capsules are full strength?

A. Because every batch of Flora Pro-Health is independently tested for strength and purity before we make it available to the general public. We even make those test results available to all customers, so you can match it up to the batch you receive. That way you know you’re getting exactly what you’re paying for and what you expect.


Suggested Use

Q. How often should I take Flora Pro-Health?

A. Take one capsule a day, unless otherwise directed by your healthcare provider. We advise taking that capsule with or before a meal, and that can be any meal during the day.


Q. How long will one box last?

A. Each box contains 60 capsules, so at the recommended dose of 1 capsule a day, your box will last 60 days.


Q. How long should I continue taking it for?

A. With probiotics, we recommend building this into your daily health regime on an ongoing basis. There is such a wealth of strong clinical evidence supporting the health benefits of probiotics, and more exciting research surfacing all the time. The research points to it being beneficial to take probiotics on a long term, regular basis.



Q. How soon can I expect to see results?

A. Some of our customers report positive changes in just a few days, for others it is longer. It really depends on your situation and what specific health benefit you are taking Flora Pro-Health for.



Q. Is Flora Pro-Health safe?

A. Yes Flora Pro-Health has been carefully formulated, it’s meticulously manufactured and it’s tested before being made available to the general public.

Lactobacillus and Bifidobateria strains of probiotics are considered LIKELY SAFE for most people.


Q: I’m taking Prescription medication, will Flora Pro-Health interfere with my medication?

A.     Lactobacillus and Bifidobateria strains of probiotics so far have been found NOT to interfere with most medications against which they have been tested.

Antibiotics can reduce the amount of friendly bacteria in the body (at the same time as targeting harmful bacteria) so it is especially advisable to take probiotics if you are taking any antibiotics.

If you are taking any medications that decrease the immune system, taking lactobacillus along side these can increase you chances of getting sick from bacteria and yeast.

If you are taking any medication or have a pre-existing condition, we always recommending consult your physician before taking this, or any dietary supplement.


Q. Is it safe for children or babies?

A. Probiotics generally are considered LIKELY SAFE for children and babies, however Flora Pro-Health is not specifically formulated for children or babies, it was formulated for adults. It includes a high dose of live probiotics. So if you are thinking of providing it to children or babies, we recommend consulting your physician first.


Q. Can I take it if I’m pregnant?

A. If you are pregnant or nursing you should consult your physician before using this or any dietary supplement.


Q. Are there any side effects?

A. There should be no side effects.


Shipping, Guarantee & Support

Q. When will my product arrive?

A. Your product will ship out within 48 hours, standard delivery time is 3-5 business days from time of order.


Q. Does Flora Pro-Health come with a guarantee?

A. Yes of course, we stand behind our product 100%. We believe you are more likely to experience great results with our probiotics over anything else on the market. If in the unlikely event that is not the case, or you are unhappy for any other reason, we’ll refund your money back in full. You have 365 days to request a refund.


Q. Can I speak to anyone at Naturenetics on the phone?

A. Yes, definitely, our customer care specialists can be reached toll free on 1-877-569-8569

Our Guarantee
Here at Naturenetics we’re about results and satisfaction… we want you to succeed and we want your experience with us to be smooth, enjoyable and beneficial. We strive to be one of your key health partners for the foreseeable future!

However, if for any reason one of our products does not work out for you, we still want your experience to be smooth and enjoyable… and we don’t want you out of pocket for something that didn’t provide value.

To ensure that is the case, we offer a 365-day money back guarantee on all of our products. See our return and refund policy below for more details.

Return & Refund Policy
Refunds will be issued upon receipt of the returned product or through approval from our customer service team. You will receive a full refund (less any shipping fees or special services). You must contact us and obtain a refund authorization number (RA#) before shipping any product back to us or you may not receive a proper refund.

Here's how to request a refund:
Please email Customer Service and let us know you would like a refund.

Please provide the following:

  • Your name, order number, and the items you want to return.
  • A note with the reason that you are requesting a refund.   

Our team will review your request and provide you with a refund authorization number (RA#) and provide instructions for shipping your return product and issue you a full refund (less any shipping fees or special services). 

You may also request a refund by calling our Customer Service team at (877) 569-8569.

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