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Native Curcumin

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Naturenetics Optimized Native Curcumin Benefits Best Ingredients

Native Curcumin™ delivers a patented, next-generation form of turmeric curcumin with two optimizations that could make it the most revolutionary curcumin supplement yet:

10x Better Absorption
The new form of curcumin within Native Curcumin is clinically proven to be 10x (yes, ten times!) more readily absorbed than standard 95% curcumin. (Which lets us leave out additives like piperine, a black pepper extract.)

It relies on a patented ‘sandwich technology’ which wraps a concentrated level of curcuminoids in a turmeric oil with a shell made of turmeric protein, starch and fiber. This creates what’s called a “polar/non­polar matrix”. This matrix protects curcumin and delivers it to the gut in a similar format to the natural turmeric root — but in a concentration 100 times higher!  When tested in clinical studies, researchers found that it optimized bioavailability (i.e. your body’s ability to absorb curcumin) by 10 times that of standard 95% curcumin. 

Naturenetics Optimized Native Curcumin 10X Better Absorption vs 95 Curcumin AcuminNaturenetics Optimized Native Curcumin 45%+ Curcuminoids bioactive turmeric

Closer to Nature:

Native Curcumin is made with an entirely new technology that lets us combine other bioactive turmeric compounds alongside curcumin, so it has a composition far closer to the natural turmeric root.

Curcumin is not the only active ingredient within the turmeric root, scientists have identified at least 200 other molecules/nutrients, and studies show that in particular areas of health, some of these could be just as important as curcumin.

The unique patented technology recombines an enhanced level of curcuminoids (45+%) with many of the other components from the natural turmeric root, including turmeric protein, dietary fiber, essential oils and more. 

The result? The best of both worlds: a high concentration of the important active ingredient, other health promoting properties from the natural turmeric root.

Native Curcumin is vegan, gluten-free, non-GMO, USA made and tested for safety & purity.


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